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This web-page and backend application are both running on a single Raspberry Pi. The web-page was built using spring-boot, and the backend was built using spring & Java.

A huge thanks to the Pi4J library for making Java GPIO on the Raspberry Pi a possibility as well as spring for your ease of use, and integration. You have made one happy turtle.

Donnie is housed in a 150 gallon aquarium with an additional self-made top to allow for his added basking area. He was adopted in Aug. of 2015, and will hopefully live for a long time with the setup he has. The aquarium has a self-made filter that cycles through 800 gallons per hour.

The internal temps are displayed above in real time. The backend application on the Raspberry Pi will not allow for his basking area to drop below 93 degrees, or rise above 94, during the day time. The same can be said for the water which sits at a nice 79 degrees. Sunrise and Sunset are updated daily and are based off that of my home town. These are the times when the aquarium reacts accordingly, turning on or off the lights and the ability to interact with Donnie.

Donnie is automatically fed at both breakfast and dinner time. Throughout the day there is the option to feed him. His daily amount is accounted for in the backend application. If he gets fed at each possible opportunity during the day, very little food is provided at the end of it. If he doesn't receive food throughout the day then he receives more at dinner time.

The water in the aquarium evaporates pretty regularly. In order to account for this, a water line with a solenoid on the end of it was put into the sump. There is also a float switch within the sump that relays a signal to the backend application to turn on the solenoid when the water is too low. Has Donnie's aquarium ever flooded you ask? Funny thing-- about 4 different times... However, I now have a switch that detects if water is on the floor and I receive an immediate alert through Twitter. It also shuts down the water line with the solenoid until I can view things in person if I am away.

With all the automation that has been built into Donnie's aquarium there is very little maintenance that is required. Bi-weekly manual tank cleanings are necessary as well as a change of water and chemicals.


Youtube Video showing the outside of Donnie's habitat.
If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them within YouTube's comments section.